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Friday, 18 - 10 - 2013

So you’re in bed. You’re snug. You’re cosy. You don’t want to get out ever! But here’s 9 yoga poses to help your sleepy self get up.
1. Savasana- just chill for a bit and breath deeply and enjoy that sun streaming in
2. Cobra- stretch that back like the crazy cat you are
3. Extended child’s pose- now stretch your back the other way. Your covers come off too. Magic!
4. Camel pose- now sit on your knees and throw your arms back to your toes like some sort of shawshank redemption prison break.
5. Forward bend- now stand up on those sexy pins and try not to fall off the bed
6. Pigeon pose- almost there. Are you smiling yet? You should be you sexy minx bird of paradise
7. Seated forward fold- touch your toes! Wiggle them and giggle at your cuteness
8. Kneeling side plank variation- stretch that delish body of yours and try not to blind yourself at how radiant you are
9. Meditation- don’t think just yet. Just enjoy that beautiful stillness

Now step off that cosy bed of yours and sashay the fuck out of bed. Namaste.

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